When we must be our own superheroes

Have you checked out Rebecca Cohen’s webcomic about Gyno-Star, the first explicitly feminist superhero?

Back in November, I blogged about Gyno-Star at Jewesses with Attitude:

Wonder Woman, created in the 1940s, showed the world that women could kick butt. Still, there’s a difference between a powerful woman superhero (i.e. a superhero who happens to be a woman) and a feminist superhero sworn to fight “forces of evil and male chauvinism.” Gyno-Star, created by Rebecca Cohen, is the world’s first explicitly feminist superhero.

In The Adventures of Gyno-Star, our feminist superhero takes on contemporary feminist issues like hiring discrimination and body image personified by different types of anti-feminist super villains, including the super sexist “Vlad Deferens,” fashion magazine editor “Anna Rexia,” the free-market touting “Glibertarian,” and her Sarah Palin-supporting, Fox News-watching nemesis, “Stay At Home Mommy.” Gyno-Star’s main superpower is the ability to make men feel the pain of childbirth.  Little Sappho, Gyno-Star’s sidekick, is a radical feminist-Marxist lesbian teenager with the powers of “gaydar” and righteous rage.

I’ll admit that I never much cared for superhero comics, I think because I didn’t really relate to them. But for the first time, there is a superhero champion fighting the same battles I do, whose frustrations mirror my own, and who takes action in ways I can only dream about. (How many times have I wished I could just punch a sexist idiot in the face with a “POW!” or simply zap a crowd of Tea Partiers with an “Enlightening Ray?”)

Continue at Jewesses with Attitude for an interview with Rebecca Cohen

Months later, and deeper than ever into a quagmire of government intrusion into women’s private and personal lives, it helps to fantasize about feminist superheroes. It helps us gather the strength and courage to keep going in this never-ending battle between gender equity advocacy and patriarchal evil-doing.

Fight on, super women.

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  1. After yet another amazing post, I’m ready to declare you the sexiest woman this side of Gloria Steinem.


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