Shit people have actually said to me (a Jew)

I know this is a post about the “Shit ___ Say” meme, but don’t worry. I’ll keep it brief and try not to rewrite things smart people have already said.

1. So, when the Shit Girls Say video first came out, I liked it but I wasn’t exactly sure why. Then I read Elissa Straus’s piece on it and now it all makes sense.

2. I was blown away by the Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls video. It’s truly brilliant. So is this article by Tami Winfrey Harris about why it’s not “reverse racist.”

3. Then I saw Shit Christian Say to Jews.

This one was particularly striking because it was all. too. familiar.

My family was one of the only Jewish families in my small, rural town. Here’s some shit that’s actually been said to me and/or my brother:

  • What do you mean you don’t celebrate Christmas?
  • You don’t believe in Jesus? You’re going to hell.
  • Do you have … birthdays?
  • Do you guys celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Your nose isn’t that big.
  • Do you go to church?
  • Did you, like, get circumcised at your bar mitzvah?
  • If I lived during the Holocaust, I would have saved you and your family.
  • Do Jews eat rotten fish heads?
  • What’s Jewish church called again?
  • I think Jews are really holy. They’re God’s chosen people.
  • The other day some Jews came to church to teach us about Passover. You know, Jews for Jesus?
  • [In Spain] I’ve never met a Jewess before. So exotic!
  • I was going  to give you a Christmas card, but I thought it might be rude.

I think I find this video particularly striking because people assume that everybody knows about Jews, or even that American culture (pop culture?) is overtly Jewish. Not enough, apparently.


  1. So true, LMAO. Shit Goys Say! Where I live there are like ten nativity scenes every December, and one of them is in front of the city hall. Outrageous.


  2. How about when you have blonde hair, a tiny nose, and you’re slim… and your “aquaintances” say.. “Oh, damn… I really Jewed that guy.” or “Let’s hire a Jew Lawyer. They’ll get much more than anyone else”… When I met you, you didn’t seem Jewish!”…and on and on. I really love the email that’s been around for years that shows how many hundreds of “CHANGE THE WORLD BREAKTHROUGH’S” that “The Jews” accomplished, How many Nobel Prizes, and on and on…
    Great topic. Realistic comments… Now, we can laugh. but our grandparents? In that context? Whooh!!! Different world still!


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