Quick hit: Shaming fat kids doesn’t solve anything

Strong 4 Life campaign

According to the Georgia Strong 4 Life childhood obesity campaign website, “Ignoring this problem is what got us here.”

It’s true that childhood obesity is a big problem, but you know what DIDN’T cause the childhood obesity epidemic?

Ignoring the problem.

You know what did?

  • Income disparity
  • Food deserts
  • Fast food advertising
  • The whole fast food industry
  • Corn subsidies
  • Policies like the one declaring that pizza counts as a vegetable in school lunches
  • Lack of safe outdoor play space for inner city kids
  • Video games
  • Lack of funding for physical education
  • Poverty

You know what this ad does?

  • Help families alleviate/prevent childhood obesity
  • Blame this kid for being a fatty fat.

Know what blaming kids for being fat does?

  • Makes them lose weight
  • Encourages a culture of fat stigma and fat shaming that fuels bullying
  • Increases negative psychological, emotional, and health outcomes among overweight and obese children, such as low self-esteem, body image disturbance, eating disorders, and even suicide.

Way to go, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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