Noticed a fun Twitter trend today: #thingswomenshouldstopdoing. The responses I think demonstrate a really huge dichotomy between those with feminist and anti-feminist perspectives.  Some language is NSFW and/or possibly triggering.

This is only a small sampling of tweets, and more are coming in by the second.

It seems like everyone has lots of advice for women – about their appearance, relationships, sex, habits, bodily functions, and relations to both men and other women.

So.. what about #thingsmenshouldstopdoing?  Oh – yeah, it happening too.

I don’t have time to keep grabbing these, but you can see more for yourself on Twitter.

Overall, there seems to be a couple commonalities. Both men and women are tweeting about what men and women should do – although it seems as though there may be more men tweeting about #whatwomenshouldstopdoing than about #whatmenshouldstopdoing, when women tweeters seem to be equally represented on both.  Regardless, there are a lot of people giving advice about what men should wear and how they should treat women or have relationships.

There are some differences though. For men, the most common theme seems to be either “stop being so aggressive/controlling/domineering” v. “stop being a bitch/pussy/wimp.” For women, the most common theme seems to be “stop trying to look perfect/wearing makeup/worrying about your weight” v. “stop looking ugly/sloppy/fat.” Talk about mixed messages…

I also noticed that there were no feminists weighing in on #whatmenshouldstopdoing and that no one was really making a case for men’s self esteem they way some were for women. Like, “#thingsmenshouldstopdoing Feeling like they have to be hyper masculine,” for example.  (Male feminists – get in on this!)

I’m not sure if there is any real value to a Twitter sampling like this, but I think can help “take the pulse” of a culture at a moment in time. What do you think?


  1. Is there any better indication of the completely schizophrenic nature of the messages in our society than this? Twitter’s not, as you mentioned, a completely representative picture, but it does have a lot of users and it’s not a terrible way to gauge what the current moment of American culture thinks of gender roles.

    Basically, whether you’re a man or woman, either be something you aren’t or stop being what you are. No matter what you are doing, who you are, or what you like, you aren’t doing YOURSELF correctly.


  2. To me, it seems, very representative of our country’s mindset. We are supposed to conform, yet be independent. We are all supposed to give in to stereotypes and standards, and strive to be what someone else’s opinion demands of us. I honestly can see the good in a lot of these comments: the ones that refer to changing a negative action. But the comments that refer to changing personalities and lifestyles are just absurd. Women should be able to be exactly who they are without being condemned for it, as should men. But, as always, you have to hear the good with the bad. 🙂

    Thanks for the article. Very interesting. 🙂


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