So, if we were on the Titanic…

Remember how I wrote that NyQuil-addled rant about guys who want to debate feminism with me on online dating sites?

At the “Dating While Feminist” event thrown by NOMAS Boston, I had a great conversation about this with some very cool people. I explained how guys always seem to lure me into these debates by messaging me the question: “So, what exactly does feminism mean to you?” It seems like a legitimate question, but is usually a trap.

Today I got a much more original one that I thought I’d share:

As a feminist, how would you feel if we were on the Titanic, and I kicked you in the neck as I was trying to beat you to a life boat, remember, we’re about 30 seconds from death.

Well, as a feminist, I think I’d be pretty mad. But then again, I think I’d be pretty mad even if I weren’t. Thanks for ruining the last 30 seconds of my life, jackass.

One Comment

  1. I’m pretty sure the guy is forgetting that, if you two were on the titanic, the other lifeboaters would pitch his chauvanistic ass out into the freezing ocean and pull you up in his place. Just because he didn’t believe in “(first class) women and children first” doesn’t mean the rest of them suddenly turned into filthy animals.


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