1. I really like the new logo. I think it should be in the top banner. With the actual logo in place, I think the point gets across better. Also, with the logo in place, it looks less like SEX is the most important word in the banner. Currently that word is at the forefront of all words, which to me sort of gives the impression that it’s the most important word up there, and I think the words all deserve equal emphasis, which I think they get in the logo. I do like how the X in SEX is also the X in SEXUALLY.

    The other way I think you could make SEX less the focus, unless you mean for SEX to be the whole focus, is to put the sm in feminism on top of SEX rather than behind it.

    But I think it’s super pretty, and a great representation of your blog!


  2. yep, I like the second header better. I like that “not a dirty word” is on top of all the other words, showing your intent to prove that the other words shown are not, in fact, dirty.


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