Groundbreaking tampon ads still can’t use the word “vagina”

I have been trying not to mix my work blogging and my personal blogging, but in this case they overlapped like whoa.  I even used the phrase “not a dirty word” in the post.  So here it is, a slightly Jewish-themed post about the new UbyKotex ad campaign:

A new advertising campaign by Kotex has done what no menstrual product company has done before—create an ad that is not only straightforward about menstruation, but also pokes fun at its own history of vague and sanitized ads. Both reasons make this ad campaign groundbreaking, but for some reason, you still can’t say “vagina” on TV.

The commercial (below) stars a hip, 20-something woman mocking the standard menstrual product commercials, which feature young, pretty women dancing, doing yoga, or just being smiley in tight, white clothing. She also takes a well-deserved shot at the infamous “blue liquid.”

I think it’s safe to say this ad demonstrates a victory for feminists, especially those weighing in on pop culture and advertising like Sarah Haskins and the dedicated feminist communities online and elsewhere. Social media has also allowed the voices of women to be heard–letting advertisers know that women are paying attention and are ready for a change from the same old sexist “man” ads and patronizing “lady” ads. But, as you might imagine, the battle is far from over.

According to the New York Times, the Kotex ad originally used the word “vagina,” and because of this gross breach of TV etiquette, it was rejected by three major networks. The company then shot the ad using the phrase “down there,” and it was still rejected by 2 out of 3 networks. Is the word “vagina” really too risque for the American public?

Read the rest here.

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