Wait, was I NOT supposed to be turned on?

I just discovered this video: “Are Women as Horny as Men?”  It piqued my interest, naturally, since this a question I deal with regularly.  I support Team Yes, the perpetual underdog in this ridiculous debate.

Just to prepare you, this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and even shows some man-taint-action.

So, it begins with a man and woman debating the age-old question: are women as horny as men?  The woman argues that, yes, they really, really are!  The man just can’t accept it.  He then goes into a dream sequence, imagining what it would be like if women were really as horny as men.  I will admit that it was funny (as well as interesting on a more thoughtful level) to see women behaving like “creepy old men”  — blatantly staring, licking their lips, etc.  Then we get to the strip club scene, where we see “regular guys” dancing in tighty-whiteys.  The image is a little shocking, as it is intended to be, but in a good-humored way.  I was psyched to see the video validating my opinion – women really are as horny as men!  But then the dream sequence ended, and the man and woman looked at each other, and shook their heads agreeing, essentially, “No, that could never happen.”   Really?

There is such a ridiculous notion in this country that “regular” men are unnattractive.  We are growing more and more comfortable objectifying the pretty-boy models and actors on the cover of People, but when it comes to “regular guys,” no one is willing to admit that men are sexy, hot, or beautiful.

When I talk to male friends about this, they make the argument that regardless of your sexuality, women are simply more beautiful because they are soft, curvy, and hairless.  By their reasoning, roughness, angles, and body hair are unequivocally unattractive, even if you’re sexually attracted to men.  Huh?

In my humble opinion, if you’re attracted to men (or more specifically, traditional ideas of masculinity), then that should mean being attracted to roughness, angles, and body hair.  According to logic, those qualities would appear sexy, hot, or beautiful.  But society has taught us that men’s bodies are ugly, that men are “man-beasts,” and as a result a video of men stripping for women is reduced to a joke.   Straight women (or anyone attracted to masculinity) have been conditioned to think that waxed chests and washboard abs are the only parts of men to be considered “hot, sexy, or beautiful.”  Even if they are turned on by their “regular” partners, they don’t think of them in that way.  Why?

Sure, we need to be careful not to demean men with the same over-sexualized objectification imposed on women, but part of equality means being able to be conscious of one’s own sexuality.  It means being able to see men’s bodies as beautiful, and the freedom to admit it to ourselves and others.  “Regular guys” have the right to feel sexy and desirable, and I have the right to desire them, even if they don’t have waxed, washboard abs.  Women are as horny as men.  We have just been socialized to overlook it.

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